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11331 James Watt, Ste. 150 El Paso, TX 79936

Edgar Galindo, better known in the El Paso community as The Real Estate NERD, is a REALTOR who has been serving the Greater El Paso area since 2005.  He describes himself as an El Paso enthusiast.  With a quick scroll though his social media outlets, it is easy to see how passionate he is about his hometown.   Edgar is always sharing posts related to El Paso’s most prominent buildings, architects, iconic landmarks, and everything that makes El Paso the place you want to call home. In addition to being an El Paso history buff, he is probably one of El Paso’s biggest Star Trek fans!  

A UTEP graduate, Edgar earned his degree in Philosophy with a concentration in Ethics and Logic, the two core values that have become the pillars of his success and the foundation of his real estate career. Edgar first became interested in pursuing a career in real estate when he bought his first house at the age of twenty-three.  Two years later, he became a REALTOR.  The Real Estate NERD is convinced that ethics is central to treating people with the golden rule and a key to every real estate transaction.  Treat people the way you want to be treated. He always tells his clients, “I don’t just want to be your REALTOR this time.  I want to be your REALTOR for life”.  This is only possible by handling every client with utmost dedication and integrity.  The NERD believes in building his clients’ trust though education and information.  He believes that a well-informed client will make more confident choices and will have the best outcome. 

He joined Realty ONE Group in the spring of 2020 and despite being there for only nine months of 2020 and the pandemic in full force, he managed to make it to the Top 10 agents for the El Paso branch that same year.  This year, he finished the first half of the year in the top ten for Realty ONE Group agents in the state of Texas and is currently the number one agent for Realty ONE Group in the El Paso branch.  Due to all the support from the local community, 2021 was the birth year of The Real Estate NERD Group, his team of agents that work alongside him and share his same core values and business philosophy.  Every agent in his team has the same level of commitment to excellence and quality of service to their clients.  In addition, Edgar is extremely excited to now be an active instructor at the local Real Estate Academy where he is able to teach the new generation of REALTORS.

When Edgar is not assisting clients achieve their real estate goals, you will find him engaged in raising his two daughters, who are eighteen and twelve.  He is a big-time foodie who is not shy about showing off his cooking skills. Whether he is grilling, smoking a brisket, or just making the best breakfast for his daughters, he is sure to enjoy being a dad to the fullest.  In his spare time, Edgar loves to get out to our beautiful Franklin Mountains and enjoy a few hours of mountain biking in the over fifty miles of beautiful mountain bike trails our city has to offer.  

We cannot accurately describe the Real Estate NERD without elaborating on his Star Trek fascination.  “Star Trek is the most influential science fiction TV show ever”, he exclaims.  “Star Trek gives us hope for the future.  In Star Trek we see inclusivity of race and gender. We understand that conflicts can be resolved without going to war. A crew works together and respects their diversity and appreciate each others differences.”  He admits to being a Spock fan and is often seen in his social media pictures giving the Vulcan sign.  As a Trekkie he has made it a personal goal to someday have a bust dedicated to Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek and also El Paso native.  The NERD shares Roddenberry’s utopian vision of the future.  


Speaking of goals, Edgar wants to continue to assist families and individuals achieve their real estate goals.  He plans to expand his Real Estate NERD Group with fellow REALTORS who share his business philosophy and passion for helping people achieve home ownership.  Whether you are looking to become a homeowner, trade up, downsize, or build a real estate portfolio, Edgar Galindo is the guy you want to have on your side.